Bit2 is an investment company that trades and mines crypto-currencies. We bear the risk alone and share the profit with you.
We have different categories of investments that pays 100% for one month, 100% for 2 (two) months (Amount x 2), 120% for 4 (four) months (Amount x 4.8) and 150% for 6 (six) months (Amount x 9).
We pay 100% in one month because we are currently running a promo that will end on 10th Dec 2016 after which we keep paying 100% but in 2 months.
You will get your referal bonus when the investment giving you the bonus is due for withdrawal.
You can place an order for withdrawal when the duration of your investment is reached. Once order is placed, you get credited within 2 working days. is a local representative through whom investment activities are managed and cordinated in Nigeria, in accordance with Nigeria financial system, whereas the actual investment and returns are globally outsourced.
My bits is where you monitor the growth of your investments against projected target.
Yes! Because not everyone would like to withdraw their money; most people might like to re-invest it on the fly. I.e invest from your balance.
If you have a balance that’s equal to the amount you wish to re-invest, you can simply create an investment through the normal procedure, in that amount, and it will automatically be approved and deducted from your balance.
No, it is not a ponzi scheme because we invest your money in third-party businesses, from which we make more profit than we pay you. A ponzi scheme uses money from new investors to pay old ones until the system gets saturated and crashes.
An investment is activated within 24 hrs of verification of payment. Please don't start complaining if activation of your investment did not lingered longer than that.
The maximum amount per investment is 1million Naira; however, you can create multiple investments if you wish to investment more than 1million Naira.
No! You do not need different account for multiple investments. Just follow the normal investment procedure and each investment will run independently.
You send your username and amount paid to the numbers provided on the site, and your investment will be activated then your bits start counting.
You know that the company has received/approved your investment once your investment has turned “GREEN” and your bits begin to grow.
Investments not activated within 24 hours are carried over to bear the date of the current day. In essence, your bits starts counting the day you make payment and your investment activated
Yes! In this case, you must send your username, amount and the bank you are making the transfer from to any of the numbers on the website.
Yes! but, you cannot withdraw your bonuses until one of your own investments matures. I.e you must make an investment and wait for it to mature before you become entitled to your referal bonuses.
Yes. Refering people is absolutely optional and voluntary; however, you get 20% of each of your referees' investments if you chose to do so. This bonus comes from
Yes! You can delete and recreate your investment when it has not been activated. Once activated, you cannot. You can however, create more investments, peradventure you want to increase your investments.
Yes. Refering people is absolutely optional and voluntary; however, you get 20% of each of your referees' investments if you chose to do so. This bonus comes from

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